Boat Yard IC



     Still too cold to paint, so I'm still working on the Fly Bridge. I have the forward portion of the framing all cut and fit. Picture to the left. I also have some of the dash board cut and fit. I laid my instrument template onto the dash to show how the instruments will be mounted. You can see the engine controls are positioned as well.





Here are a couple more pictures of the fly bridge from a little different angle.






     Here are a couple vies from a bit lower to show the mounting supports for the helm pump. It's a little hard to see in the picture to the left but you can see the 2 x 8 in the middle of the picture to the right with the big hole in it where the pump gets mounted. As you can see in the center picture below, Woody has the spindles all taped again for the second coat of brown on the hand rails and the cap rails just as soon as we get some warmer weather.




     The fly bridge is coming along pretty well. I have all the framing cut and fit and it is ready to be glued and screwed. Here are a couple of pictures of the framing. I have the cap rails all cut and fit as well as you can see in these pictures.




     Here are a couple pictures of the fly bridge taken apart. The forward section, picture to the left, stays with the bridge when it is removed to transport the boat to the water, and the aft section, picture to the right, will come off separately. I took them apart so I could glue the forward section together without the aft section being in the way. Once the forward section is done, I will reinstall the aft section and glue and screw it together. The weather is warming up so I guess I will have to get back to my painting so I will have to get back to the fly bridge later.